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My Last Word on First Looks.

Let's talk about it... yep.. the first look. Yeah, I know it's a trend for snagging those pre-ceremony pics and making it to cocktail hour on time, but my favorite part? Stress reduction, hands down.

Wedding days can be a rollercoaster. Anticipation, excitement, maybe a bit of anxiety from the build-up - it's all part of the package. Now, imagine a timeout just for you two, away from the chaos. Enter the first look - your stress-free escape.

No crowds, no pressure - just you, your partner, and the camera crew. It's like hitting pause on the whirlwind and taking a breath. A simple, intimate moment that can turn down the stress levels and set the tone for the rest of your day... together.

But what about missing out on the traditional 'aisle moment'? Fear not. The first look doesn't steal that thunder; it amps it up. You'll still get those spine-tingling, "this is it" feels when you make your grand entrance. It's like a sneak peek, not a spoiler.

Consider the first look as your backstage pass to the wedding day concert. It's not just about pictures, though that's great too; it's about connecting, sharing a laugh, and reminding yourselves why you're doing this whole wedding thing.

So, take a breather, soak in the day, and let the first look be your calm before the celebration. It's a real moment, and trust me, you'll be grateful for it later. Here's to keeping it real and stress-free on your big day! 🥂✨

Jill xo

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