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Brides, Wine and the Truth about Postponing their Weddings

Updated: May 20, 2020

For most brides, preparing for a wedding can be stressful, even with a wedding planner. Yeah? Throw in an unprecedented worldwide pandemic and you’ve added a whole new layer of crazy. I gathered some of my brides for a virtual round table the other evening, and over a glass of wine, we discussed where they were at and how they were dealing with the decisions they were facing. Here are a few of their comments.

Bride G “Our original wedding day was May 1 – I wasn’t as upset as I thought I would be. We got dressed up, got spoiled with flowers from our family and friends, ordered in a nice meal, opened a bottle of wine, and made sure we took a bunch of pictures. I think we will always celebrate this day as well as our new wedding date.”

Bride M “People kept telling me, at least you won’t have to cancel the wedding, just the showers, and bachelorette leading up to it, and they aren’t important anyway. Um... I feel guilty saying this (and may have had a pity party or two), but they ARE important to me! I want all of the trimming and frills that go hand in hand with getting married.” (This bride has ended up having to postpone until Summer 2021, now there is lots of time for pre-wedding parties!)

Bride P “I was on an emotional rollercoaster before postponing our wedding – hopeful that it would go ahead, disappointed that we may have to postpone, anxious knowing we would be making our guests have to choose whether to attend or not. It was intense. Once we finally made the decision to postpone - knowing it was for the best, there were tears, then the next morning…. relief! The worst part is not knowing. Now we can have a micro-wedding ceremony with a few of our special people this summer, begin our lives together as planned, and celebrate with everyone next year. “

Bride B “We still don’t know if we are postponing at this point and it’s exhausting. I am trying to stay excited and positive, but it is really hard. Our guest list maxes out our venue and we don’t want to uninvite anyone, but we don’t want our guests to be afraid to come to our wedding either. So much pressure.”

These are unprecedented times and all of these emotions and reactions are normal in such abnormal circumstances. It will be okay in the end. You’ve found your person and whether it’s now or in a couple of months or in a year from now, you will be married. That’s the best part.

Look for the silver linings. Stay well. You’ve got this.

Jill xo

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